Climbing Escapes
Climbing Escapes

Climbing Escapes

Climbing Escapes offers outdoor rock climbing experiences in Quebec for all levels of climbers who want to get out of their comfort zone, connect with nature and meet like-minded individuals.

Created in 2016, Climbing Escapes’ mission is to empower people to climb higher in life through safe and fun rock climbing courses and experiences. Join us today!

We offer 3 types of courses: introduction to rock climbing, anchor building, and womxn’s empowerment retreats in both English and French. Created in 2016, Climbing Escapes is founded by Emma Contaoe, an FQME certified rock climbing instructor.

Rock climbing is more than just physical movements up the rock. It’s about what you can learn about the climbing journey. It is about learning through the challenges, facing your fears, finding courage and gaining the confidence to do whatever it is your mind desires. The sky is the limit!


Climbing Escapes

“Truly a wonderful experience with Climbing Escapes! No experience at rock climbing whatsoever, Emma is truly a professional & a great instructor to have. Very knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient with everyone. She made sure that we were all secure in our gear and climb.”

Threcia J.
Climbing Escapes

“An absolute amazing experience with Climbing Escapes!! Emma is an excellent instructor - knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, positive and passionate. I didn’t have experience with rock climbing and with Emma’s guidance and expertise, she totally made me comfortable, at ease and confident to climb.”

Jackie M.

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I’m always open to connecting with my community! Whether it be about collaborations, creating custom courses or unique experiences, or questions about our the courses I offer, write me a message and I’d be happy to have a chat! Looking forward to meeting you!

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